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Jumat, 03 Februari 2012


To make money from the internet, or internet marketplace, it can be done in various ways. Because the name of income or money from the internet itself is derived from the sale and purchase transactions. Buy and sell transactions can occur because there is a seller and buyer, and the internet is a land market with huge potential to make money from internet. A person who is an expert in internet marketing strategies, have the ability to assess existing products or services.
1.   What is your product? What can you sell?
Let's talk began of a product like an ebook that is worth 20 to 30 dollars by being a member of a site, in general, they also have major products and products that support, for example, free ebook and the ebook is not free. This should be differentiated. Free Ebook worth to attract potential buyers, although it still has a free ebook for receiving benefits. Remember that free could result in the sale so that prospective buyers more interested in buying. Finally, transactions occur.

It is now clear. If you want to make money from the internet you must have a product, such as ebook, or services such as classified ads, or may also be daily necessities.

2.   Locations where your market? 
Talk about the location of the market. This could mean an area that will make your place to sell products. But where? Internet market is vast and will be more widespread. You can open an online store to sell your products, can use a free domain or paid domain. 
After you open an online shop then do the commercialization. Commercialization, it means: The process by which a product (eg the results of R & D)  is converted into goods and / or services that are marketable (marketable) and has a business value.

You can know from google, buying and selling ebook on the internet it is not unusual and you can also sell the ebook and you also can get a lot of dollars from selling their ebook. It all depends on the way and you will. 

3.  Get lots of visitors
Once you have a domain, when you are ready to be launched into the market. Then you have to do is attract visitors to visit your site, as much as possible and in accordance with the target of your product. Remember that your visitors are looking for is in accordance with the target of your product.

Only then you will be more products sold. And it is done by finding the visitors so that they will visit your site with ongoing promotions. Can also through classified ads.


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